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Arkansas City, Individual Artist – Multidisciplinary

Gary Gackstatter is a rare individual artist, composer, conductor, performer and teacher whose creative output touches thousands of lives every year. Gackstatter has built and maintained outstanding music programs at Southwestern and Cowley College. He is directly responsible for many significant art events including symphonic debuts, internationally known guest artists, and visionary projects combining multiple art forms. Under Gackstatter’s leadership, the arts have gained wide visibility and support, regularly drawing large crowds to symphony, college and personal performances of his own original music.

His published compositions are performed internationally and his vision to combine the various arts genres in performances has gained national recognition. He has composed a full symphony (always combining various arts with music) each year for the past four years. Gackstatter’s creative output is prodigious. There is rarely one week during any given time of the year where he is not actively and publicly being an artist.