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Hattenberg's People Transcript

July 1, 2007 I spent some time with a man who some call a genius. Gary Gackstatter, well-known in Cowley County for his work in Music andArt…he is a man with passion…he’s published a book which he illustratesand wrote about the old stone arch bridges of Cowley County. Gary is deep, thoughtful and loves those old bridges.

A day before the deluge of rain hit Cowley County ‡กใ he showed me why the old turn ofthe century arch bridges are so important.

[Music] “With all our technology we have today and how advanced we are, we can’t do anything like this. And it makes me wonder why?”

[Song] “There she is…she carries me.
She hears what I’m not there to here‡กภ
She sees what I can’t see‡กภ
There she is‡กภ Standing stones‡กภ

When I’m standing near her, I know I’m not alone. This old bridge…this old bridge.” “When I look at these bridges, I see something, a glimpse of a way of thought that we need more of today. A way to calm down, concentrate on what is important.”

[Music] “This old bridge…”
“And see something that might be meaningful beyond our own lifetimes.”

[Music] “This old bridge...”
“I don’t think there is much thought about that today.”
“And now, you can look at them as works of art. There are these giant sculptures of Kansas Limestone out in the middle of nowhere. They do talk to me and I just have to be still enough to hear their voices.”

[Music] “This old bridge...”
“They were made to last forever. The people who made them wanted their grandkids to be proud of their work.”

[Music] “This old bridge carries me… She has been my friend for life--- The treetops form a roof over my head‡กภ I could not care less, if my feet never touched pavement again--- This old bridge…..this old bridge.”

(Larry’s note: Through his music and art, Gary’s view of a life gone by is focused in every stone of these bridges; there is this one over Badger Creekbuilt in 1910).

Then in 1913 the Silver Creek Bridge was erected stone by stone. The old Grouse Creek Bridge is another of his favorites….all located in Cowley County. They represent another time, a slower time, and his pen and ink drawings…they whisper to him…like these old bridges…